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About Sue Monk Kidd

Sue Monk Kidd was raised in the small town of Sylvester, Georgia, a place that deeply influenced the writing of her first novel The Secret Life of Bees. An award-winning and international bestselling author, Kidd also authored The Invention of Wings and The Mermaid Chair, as well as several acclaimed memoirs, including Traveling with Pomegranates and The Dance of the Dissident Daughter. Her new novel, The Book of Longings will be published on April 28, 2020.

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Praise for Sue's Books

The Invention of Wings

“It is impossible to read this book and not come away thinking differently about our status as women and about all the unsung heroines who played a role in getting us to where we are… A tour de force.”

Oprah Winfrey, O The Oprah Magazine

The Secret Life of Bees

“Maybe it’s true that there are no perfect books, but I closed this one believing that I had found perfection.”

Book Magazine

The Mermaid Chair

“It’s hard to put this book down for little things like sleeping and eating.”

Elle Magazine


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